Develop breakthrough, targeted anti-cancer viral products that will either treat morbid diseases or transform them into chronic, manageable ones.

Our Story

The idea of ViruCure was formed following extraordinary interest and reception after the publication of a critical review by Dr. Shay Tayeb, ViruCure CTO & co-founder, on the therapeutic potential of oncolytic Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) to treat cancer.  The review pulled together the excellent oncolytic effects of NDV discovered during Dr. Tayeb’s PhD and post-doc research.

With the support of award-winning and acclaimed Israeli Professors of Virology, Prof. Amos Panet and Prof. Zichria Zakay-Rones, ViruCure co-founders, the technology potential was then brought to the attention of Yoram Drucker, ViruCure’s CEO & co-founder. As a seasoned business professional with proven experience in bringing successful cell therapy technology firms to the public markets, including Brainstorm (NASDAQ:BCLI) and Pluristem (NASDAQ:PSTI), ViruCure was born!

“When I finished my PhD degree, I realized I had discovered something that could help save lives!  It was something that I couldn’t just leave in the academic world. It needed to be developed as a treatment.

ViruCure Therapeutics was formed to do just that – to help patients get NADAV to fight cancer!” 

Dr. Shay TayebViruCure CTO & Co-Founder